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Shandong Supermaly Generating Equipment CO .,LTD
Add:No.5153 Yingqian street, Hi-technology development Zone, weifang City,Shandong Province,China
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Trailer Generator

  Mobile power station is combined with diesel generating set and trailer. The power station is in line with the motor vehicle safety and technical requirements of AC mobile power station . It has a good seal and security performance. It is a good emergency power supply when frequently change places. 

  Mobile power station with steel welded trailer frame, reasonable node selection, high strength and rigidity; also equipped with steel spring suspension structure. Trailer using height-adjustable bolt traction frame, for a variety of highly tractor; with round steel pipe welded straight axle, compact, safe and reliable. Frame corners with a mechanical support device, equipped with inertia brake, parking brake and emergency brake off, to ensure the power station safety under all conditions. The trailer front frame has a support wheel to withstand a vertical load, also includes a guide function. The trailer equipped with steering and brake lights, and a standard tail light plug.    

  Mobile power station has a variety of structure and function. There are three wheels, four wheels, automobile power station, trailer power station, mobile low noise power station, mobile container power station, power engineering vehicles. The trailer is designed and produced with reference to foreign mobile power station structure, with a good operating performance and safety.
It has the following configuration options: 
1. Traction: The movable hook, 60°or 180°turntable, flexible and easy to run
2. Braking: a reliable air brake interface or manual brake system to ensure the safety of driving  
3. Support: To ensure the stability of operation, 4R mechanical or hydraulic support device also available as option.
4. Window: The front with air windows, rear with doors. Access for operator on both sides of door.
5. Soundproof: The canopy and doors with sound-absorbing plates or mineral wool; The exhaust pipe wrapped by insulation cotton. The noise can be controlled at 75dBA or less.    
6. Size: 10KW to 1000KW can be customized, the operator can walk around, easy operation and maintenance.  
7. Fuel tank: Large capacity fuel tank, for continuous operation 8-12 hours;
8. Fire: Two fire extinguishers can be equipped.
Trailer Generator


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